Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Probability Distributions

How long should components made from a new design last? How much average internet traffic should a network be rated for, given the variable nature of traffic?  The proper modeling of industrial, business and human processes requires knowledge of probability distributions.  Learn about the Poisson and other key probability distributions in our online course, "Probability Distributions," with Prof. Madhav Kulkarni.

"Probability Distributions" will cover statistical probability distributions, such as the Bernoulli distribution, uniform distribution, hyper geometric distribution, Poisson distribution, Normal distribution, exponential distribution, Gamma distribution, Weibull distribution, Student's t distribution, chi-square distribution, F-distribution.  Participants will learn how to identify which distribution(s) reasonably fit given data, and to evaluate the fit.

Madhav Kulkarni is Head of the Mathematics and Statistics Dept, B.Y.K. College of Commerce, Nashik, India. He is co-author of "Common Statistical Tests", "Introduction to Statistical Ecology," and "Introduction to Discrete Probability and Probability Distributions" as well as a number of research papers in various peer-reviewed journals. He is also a statistical consultant for industry and to biologists.

The course will require about 15 hours per week and there are no set hours when you must be online.  Participants can ask questions and exchange comments with Prof. Kulkarni, via a private discussion board throughout the period.

The core strength of these online courses is the instructors. Statistics.com has over 60 instructors, who are recruited based in their expertise various areas in statistics. Most of these instructors are internationally-known experts in their field. These instructors are the subject experts with industry / consulting experience.

You will be able to ask questions and exchange comments with the instructors via a private discussion board throughout the course.   The courses take place online at statistics.com in a series of 4 weekly lessons and assignments, and require about 15 hours/week. 

Participate at your own convenience; there are no set times when you must be online. You have the flexibility to work a bit every day, if that is your preference, or concentrate your work in just a couple of days.

For Indian participants statistics.com accepts registration for its courses at special prices in Indian Rupees through its partner, the Center for eLearning and Training (C-eLT), Pune (www.c-elt.com).

For India Registration and pricing, please visit us at www.india.statistics.com.

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