Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sentiment Analysis

Mike Dewar, data scientist at bitly, described sentiment analysis recently as "rubbish," but noted that lots of it is being bought and sold.  Sentiment analysis is the relatively new art and science of distilling useful data from this mass of unstructured text.  If you are engaged in buying or using sentiment analysis, shouldn't you learn something about how it works?  Nitin Indurkhya's online course in Sentiment Analysis is coming up soon. For details please visit at

"Sentiment Analysis" introduces you to the algorithms, techniques and software used in sentiment analysis. Their use will be illustrated by reference to existing applications, particularly product reviews and opinion mining. The course will try to make clear both the capabilities and the limitations of these applications. For real-world applications, sentiment analysis draws heavily on work in computational linguistics and text-mining. At the completion of the course, a student will have a good idea of the field of sentiment analysis, the current state-of-the-art and the issues and problems that are likely to be the focus of future systems.

Who Should Take This Course:
Analysts, researchers and managers who deal with, or might need to deal with, Sentiment Analysis systems at a variety of levels - needs assessment, design, deployment and operation.

Course Program:

Course outline: The course is structured as follows

SESSION 1: Introduction and Subjectivity Analysis
  • Text Categorization concepts
  • Computational Linguistics concepts
  • Subjectivity Analysis

SESSION 2: Sentiment Extraction
  • Topic Extraction
  • Product Reviews
  • Sentiment analysis of Comparative Sentences
  • Applications

SESSION 3: Opinion Retrieval and Spam
  • Searching for Opinions
  • Opinion Summarization
  • Opinion Spam
  • Applications

Nitin Indurkhya is co-author of "Text Mining" (Springer), and co-editor of the "Handbook of Natural Language Processing" (CRC). Dr. Indurkhya is the founder and president of Data-Miner Pty Ltd, an Australian company engaged in data-mining consulting and education, and has served as Principal Research Scientist at eBay and Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales (Australia).  Participants can ask questions and exchange comments directly with Dr. Indurkhya via a private discussion forum throughout each course.

You will be able to ask questions and exchange comments with the Dr. Nitin Indurkhya via a private discussion board throughout the course.   The courses take place online at in a series of 3 weekly lessons and assignments, and require about 15 hours/week.  Participate at your own convenience; there are no set times when you must be online. You have the flexibility to work a bit every day, if that is your preference, or concentrate your work in just a couple of days.

For Indian participants accepts registration for its courses at special prices in Indian Rupees through its partner, the Center for eLearning and Training (C-eLT), Pune.

For India Registration and pricing, please visit us at

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