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Interactive Data Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words; less if it's a PowerPoint show, more if it's a good interactive data display.  Dr. Galit Shmueli covers the statistically-appropriate techniques and principles you can use to explore and investigate your data in "Interactive Data Visualization," For more details please visit at

Aim of the course:
"Interactive Data Visualization" is about the interactive exploration of data using state-of-the-art data visualization software. Participants will learn to explore a range of different data types and structures. They will learn about various interactive techniques for manipulating and examining the data and producing effective visualizations.

The course is very hands-on in terms of the learning process. Participants will be guided through an exploration of quantitative business data to discern meaningful patterns, trends, relationships, and exceptions that reveal business performance, potential problems and opportunities.

Who Should Take This Course:
Statistical analysts and data miners who need to explore and graph multivariate data, either to form impressions of the data or as a preliminary step to performing statistical tests or building models.

Course Program:

Course outline: The course is structured as follows

  • Information visualization characterization and history
  • Elements of visual perception
  • Software introduction and data preparation (merging data, getting started, export)

  • Interaction techniques
  • Distribution analysis
  • Hands-on visual exploration of business data

  • Time Series
  • Multivariate views (scatterplots, parallel coordinate plots, trellising)
  • Treemaps for hierarchical data

  • Specialized visualizations
  • Video demonstrations of novel techniques
  • From visualization to visual analytics

The instructor, Dr. Galit Shmueli, Professor of Data Analytics at the Indian School of Business (SRITNE) in Hyderabad, is a co-author of "Data Mining for Business Intelligence," "Modeling Online Auctions," and "Statistical Methods in e-Commerce Research."

You will be able to ask questions and exchange comments with the Dr. Galit Shmueli via a private discussion board throughout the course.   The courses take place online at in a series of 4 weekly lessons and assignments, and require about 15 hours/week.  Participate at your own convenience; there are no set times when you must be online. You have the flexibility to work a bit every day, if that is your preference, or concentrate your work in just a couple of days.

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